Guiding Principles

  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Think Big
  • Attract & Develop Top Talent
  • Earn Trust
  • Sound Decision Making
  • Bias for Action
  • Stay Hungry

Disruptive Innovation

We identify, launch and scale solutions to major unmet needs that transform markets. We are obsessed with driving value for our NewCo customers, industry leading technology partners, investors and key stakeholders.

Think Big

We set a big vision and work tirelessly to deliver monumental results. We are owners who do not sacrifice long-term success for short-term gains.

Attract & Develop Top Talent

We seek out those who are passionate, lifelong learners filled with boundless curiosity. We leverage the strengths, diversity and experiences of our team, and fill key gaps. We strive to continuously evolve and thrive in moments of growth.

Earn Trust

We assume positive intent, seek first to understand and operate with integrity. We are radically candid, respect all voices and share information openly. We embrace vulnerability, are self-critical and treat feedback as a gift.

Sound Decision Making

We collect and analyze data to inform our thinking, then trust our collective instincts and judgement to make timely decisions. We support taking calculated risks and we are in the business of only making original mistakes.

Bias for Action

We start with the end in mind and move urgently within our model to get there without sacrificing quality. Speed matters in business, but we never mistake activity for achievement.

Stay Hungry

We are bold and have grit. We never settle and are never complacent. We constantly look for ways to improve, learn, educate and lead with relentlessly high standards.



Business Development
Explore opportunities for future NewCos from launch to profitability, and build relationships with multinational corporations.
Business Strategy & Leadership
Build and refine Innventure and NewCo strategy for long-term, sustainable success.
Provide data and controls that bring financial stability and economic success. Supports all levels by establishing financial and capital strategy to supporting NewCo accounting and controllership.
Information Technology & Web Development
Solve problems and support our businesses through digital ideas with IT solutions and web development.
Marketing & Creative
Tell the stories and build the brands that are Innventure and our NewCos.
Lead teams and create operational excellence from front-line, hands-on operations to building global, long-term strategies to deliver results for customers.
People Operations
Strategically partner with business leaders to drive people initiatives throughout the entire employee lifecycle including talent acquisition, employee engagement and learning & development.
Project Management
Lead projects and deliver results that are critical to transforming markets and the success of disruptive NewCos.
Technology & Engineering
Leverage expertise and innovation to identify the ways in which we disrupt markets and progress technology from NewCo launch to world-class operations.
Venture Strategy
Source and evaluate opportunities to support the strategic model of Innventure and our NewCos through analytical, financial and business know-how.


Our Companies

Who We Are
Innventure is...

A challenging, but extremely rewarding environment where you will have the opportunity to partner with talented leaders that are building NewCo’s from revolutionary technologies to disrupt markets in an ambiguous, fast-changing setting.

Gayle AndersonDirector of Business Development
David BrennerChief Integration Officer
Cedric D'SouzaChief Technology Officer - AeroFlexx



  • Innventure Headquarters - Orlando, FL
  • PureCycle Technologies - Ironton, OH
  • AeroFlexx - Cincinnati, OH

Current Openings