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If you represent a Multinational Corporation (MNC) and have disruptive technologies that do not fit your commercialization strategy, our approach and team is focused on how we can accelerate those technologies into commercial realities with a business plan designed to solve your strategic requirements. We start by running identified technology through our rigorous, proprietary DownSelect® assessment.


We only choose opportunities that we believe have the highest probability for successful commercialization, knowing the majority will not meet our rigid reqirements. Additionally, we staff our new Innventure Companies with seasoned Innventure leadership to help ensure we have trusted start-up management skilled at leveraging and operationalizing the DownSelect® insights during the initial stage of new Innventure Company formation and business development. All of this is designed to help lessen the inherent origination risks associated with startup companies.

Innventure strategically collaborates with MNCs and identifies opportunities within their R&D organizations.

Innventure analyzes technologies shared with us by MNCs that are backed by proprietary market knowledge with a deep understanding of the unmet market need.

Innventure selects the most transformative opportunity capable of rapid market adoption – mutually benefiting all parties.

Innventure is responsible to fund from inception to exit.

The MNC is motivated to help catalyze early adoption and may become an early customer and/or facilitate the initial customer deployment to drive financial and strategic value.

The value created is shared between the inventing MNC, the new Innventure Company employees, Investors, and Innventure employees.

DownSelect® Screening

Every technology we consider first goes through our rigorous DownSelect® assessment. Each new Innventure Company passes every stage of DownSelect®.

Fund & Operate

You invented the technology and can now stop investing in it. Innventure will fund it moving forward.


You benefit from the focused attention of experienced entrepreneurs who operate with speed and flexibility without distracting you from your core business.

Build Shareholder Value

We are focused on building shareholder value by advancing your technology to in-market success and sharing the financial benefit as mutually agreed.