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Innventure Provides

Infographic showing the Downselect Process Infographic showing the Downselect Process

A high level assessment to determine whether the technology and associated business opportunities meet key criteria and to identify any critical issues that must be resolved to get to an eventual yes.

Identification, assessment, and prioritization of an opportunity’s critical success and risk factors including a holistic assessment and determination of a development plan to quantify critical success factors and mitigate risk.

Quantitative assessment of the immediate new economic value proposition that drives adoption and pro-forma financial model. Output from this stage includes projected incremental profits generated for customers, compelling pricing model required to drive early adoption, business economics, risk factor mitigations and investment requirements.

Set the initial strategy and secure early-stage funding/control of new Innventure Company. Secure rights to the technology via licensing or ownership, install appropriate management team and create the new Innventure Company.

Our Key Criteria

Disruptive potential

Rapid adoption

Sustainable competitive advantage

Superior investment economics

Sustainability/ ESG benefits to the extent applicable

Closed Loop Model

The Innventure Closed Loop Model was created as a critical component of Innventure’s business and investment model. It seeks to provide access to highly disruptive technologies from Multinational Corporations (MNCs). These technologies, by definition, are designed to be transformative market solutions that have both the potential to create substantial economic value and meet the strategic and economic requirements of large MNCs.